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Ausstellung "Naoya Hatakeyama. YOKOHAMA SOUVENIRS" im Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst (bis November)

Ausstellung Naoya Hatakeyama. YOKOHAMA SOUVENIRS Artists Meets Archive by Internationale Photoszene 12 May - 05 November 2023 "Naoya Hatakeyama (b. 1958 in Rikuzen-takata, Iwate Prefecture, Japan) is an artist and photographer based in Tokyo. He graduated from the University of Tsukuba in 1984 with a degree in art from Japanese photographer and photo-theoretist Kiyoji Otsuji. Known for a series of extensive works dealing with the relationship between nature and civilisation, he has created a thoughtful panorama of images showing places and landscapes shaped by industrialisation and urbanisation since the 1980s. Naoya Hatakeyama's work features series on landscapes and architecture that document a man-made nature in which he himself, however, no longer appears. In Germany, Hatakeyama photographed, among other things, the controlled detonation of the Westfalen I/II Zeche in 2003. Furthermore, he was awarded the Kimura Ihei Award of Photography in 1997 and the Mainichi Art Award in 2000. For his exhibition at the Museum of East Asian Art, Naoya Hatakeyama uses photographs of Japanese landmarks from the Meiji era of Japan (1868-1912) as inspiration for his own photographic investigation of these places. He is interested in the temporal aspect that lies between the tourist views of the time and the landscape of today. The playful juxtaposition of archive material and his own photographs also opens up the spectrum between photography as a document and photography as a work of art."


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