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Japanische Photographie - BAUMGEISTER von Ôsaka Hiroshi

"I grew up in a poor, isolated village in the Tōhoku region in northeastern Japan. The village was in a mountainous area where the snow would pile up so high during the cold, harsh winters that we had to use the second-floor windows to get in and out of the house. If you went deeper into the nearby wilds, there was a thickly wooded and gloomy forest of giant trees. We lived in a house along a stream in a village where everyone made their living mining copper. The copper mine closed down when I was a little boy, and I remember holding my parents’ hands and walking fearfully along a narrow road as we left our village for good. On both sides of the road there was water - probably processed waste water - that pooled to form eerie bogs that glistened a greenish milky white. I still remember being afraid that if I should lose my footing I would be swallowed up by one of those bogs, which I imagined to be portals to the underworld. I don’t know how many times their otherworldly glow has since appeared in my dreams."

Portrait Osaka Hiroshi =

Photographer. Born in 1956 in Yamagata Prefecture. Graduated from the Department of Photographic Science, Nihon University College of Art. Awards include APA International Photo Festival Euro Photo Prize (1978), JPS Grand Prix Award (1982, 1984), and Photographic Society of Japan New Face Award (1985). He has held solo exhibitions in Japan and overseas, including his flower series Botanic Heart and his nude series Syzygy and Vénus, Végétal. His works are in the permanent collections of such institutes as the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, the National Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto, and Polaroid International.


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