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Miyamoto Shinya / Meiji Universität - Thema Gesellschaftliche Diversität: "Could you still call our society diverse, if everything is reduced to self-responsibility?"

"It seems to me, however, that this expression is now essentially interpreted to mean 'become a person who creates economic value.' There seems to have been an irresponsible change in logic. The value of a person should be evaluated on the basis of multiple criteria. Unfortunately, however, there is now a strong tendency to use the single criterion of productivity in terms of simple profit or interest.

There is also a growing tendency to define a good society as a society where each member has entrepreneurship.

That is an important idea or value. Yet it seems to me that multi-dimensional values have been replaced by single-dimensional values and have not been accepted in a society. I am sometimes dumbfounded by my students’ strong expectations or requests based on such values when teaching at a university.

People should not be overwhelmed by capitalist values, which stress, among other things, the need to win in a competitive society in order to be economically successful; they should maintain their empathy with others and their interest in sharing such empathy. Otherwise, other elements that support the economic realm of society will likely be undermined in the long run." (, März 2020)

Miyamoto Shinya hält sich derzeit an der Goethe Universität, Frankfurt, auf.


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