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Fundstück: Das Geheimnis des Telegian. Ein japanischer SF-Kriminal-Film aus den 1960er Jahren

Geht es in der Naturwissenschaft um die Tele-Waffe oder um Gold?

„As it turns out, Onishi, along with the man found dead at the funhouse (a former sergeant) and two others; former intelligence agent Takashi and Construction Corp. foreman Taki (Sakai Sachio), were all military men 14 years earlier. They had been assigned to help protect scientist/electrical engineer Dr. Kajuro Nikki's (Sasaki Takamaru) top secret experiments in creating electronic weaponry. Instead, the men decided to throw out the doctor's experiment and fill the crates with stolen gold bars. The only opposition they faced was from Lance Corporal Tsudo (Nakamura Tadao), who insisted the gold belonged to the people of his country. Onishi and the others stabbed Tsudo, shot Dr. Nikki, and barely made it out of the cave before it's blown up with dynamite. They returned there a year later, only to discover that both men's corpses and the gold were missing.“

(SECRET OF THE TELEGIAN, 1960 / Japanese version English subtitles, 1, 24 min)


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