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STELLENANZEIGE, Cornell University

Japan in Transregional and Transtemporal Perspective

Deadline 14. Oktober 2022

"Preference will be given to applicants engaged in developing innovative conceptual frameworks for the humanities and able to nurture students to think cross-temporally and transregionally in contexts prior to the modern. Areas of potential interest include: textuality capaciously understood, trans-cultural intellectual histories, religiosities and the ability to support curricula related to the academic study of religion, environmental studies, migration/migratory humanities, displacement and intermediality. We encourage applications from candidates who complement existing departmental strengths in religious studies, classical and contemporary literatures of Asia, and media studies. Candidates will be expected to offer both undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in Japanese humanities generally and in their specific area of expertise, as well as to read primary-language texts with graduate and advanced undergraduate students as needed.

Candidates should have completed the Ph.D. in a relevant field in the humanities by July 1, 2023."

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