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THE WASEDA INTERNATIONAL HOUSE of LITERATURE Virtual Annex + Murakami Haruki Library

Der japanische Gegenwartsautor MURAKAMI Haruki wurde ebenso wie der amerikanische Japanologe Donald KEENE mittlerweile musealisiert. Die MURAKAMI Haruki Bibliothek bietet literarische LESUNGEN (mit Murakami) und Leseraumerfahrungen in einem speziellen Bibliotheksgebäude.

" Aiming to create a ‘House of Literature’, Murakami worked with the Waseda team to create a space that is less memorium, more creative hub, with performances, workshops and exhibitions held regularly. The Library reference isn’t a wind up, however. The library holds around 3000 texts, from translated novels to first editions to interviews, all donated by the author himself." (Tokyocheapo, 25. August 2022)

"On the basement floor, a replica of Murakami’s study is sometimes open to visitors. Lined with records, the room is visible from the hallway when not open, and allows visitors to see where the author creates his many works."

HINWEIS: The Library is located on the University campus, in the Waseda district of Tokyo. There are two stations nearby, both of which are called Waseda, but with different train lines. The library is a short 3-minute walk from Waseda Station on the Toden-Arakawa Line. Alternatively, it’s a slightly longer 6-minute walk from Waseda Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line.


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